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If you have received this error in Plug In SEO: 

In the new UI you'll see: 

Then your Blogging platform does not have a subscription feed available. The majority of blogging platforms, including Shopify blogs, will include a way for your visitors to subscribe and be notified when new blogs are posted. 

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If Plug In SEO has not automatically found the feed for your blog, first check that you are using the correct public facing URL for your blog in settings. 

If you are using the right URL and still have an error, view your blog on your website and then click to view your source code and search for .rss or .atom like this: 

You can then paste the feed URL you find into the Blog Check settings. 

If you do not find a feed you may need to reach out to your Theme Developer or Blogging platform to see what feed they support. 

You can also contact us for additional support with the Blog Feed. 

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