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Blogging frequently is a key way to get search engines to visit your site more often. Fresh, new, content is favoured over things like product pages by search engines. Posting blog articles on a regular basis also means you are updating your website more often, and this is what prompts the search engines to recrawl your website. 

A blog is also a great way to position yourself as an expert in your shops subject matter, and to continually update the keywords you're using on your website. 

Blogging Best Practices

Space blog posts out evenly: four posts over four weeks is better than four posts in a day and then none for a month. 

When you've determined your blogging calendar, update the Blog Check setting in Plug In SEO to prompt you if you miss a post. 

Plug in SEO data shows that blogging at least once a week demonstrates a tangible improvement in search engine impressions
Planning the topics you'll write about in an editorial calendar (using your keywords!) helps create a coherent and regular schedule. Don't forget to plan for sharing your blog posts on social media, and for including internal and external links in your blog posts. 
With Shopify you can schedule blog posts to be published on a future date. This way you can write when you feel inspired and still achieve a regular flow of new content.
  1. When editing a blog post scroll to the 'Visibility' section
  2. Press 'Set a specific publish date...'
  3. Choose the date you'd like the blog post to be published
  4. Press Save

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