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If you are getting this error message: 


You’re missing out on a great opportunity to use additional keywords in your shop!

Search engine crawl bots (knows as "spiders" - because they crawl the web!) cannot “see” the images on your page, only the code used to display them. Adding alt-text to images describes the image both to search engines, as well as to anyone who might be using accessibility services that read your website to them. 

In our old UI you can click on the link displayed to see which image is missing alt text. 

In our new UI we are working on updating this feature to display the URL. You can use the Inspect tool in your browser and search for "alt" in the source code - if you see: 

alt=" "


Alt-Text for Home Page Images 

If the image is on your Home Page, you’ll need to go to your Theme editor to add alt text to the image, like this: 

If the image is on any other page, you need to go to that specific page in order to edit the alt-text. 

Product / Collection / Blog Images 

There are two places the image may be, as an element on the page, or inline with your text. 

For page media, here is how to add alt text: 

Scroll down to Media, double click on the image and add alt text in the provided field. 

The alt-text for page media can also be automated in the theme code. This can be done for you as part of our Custom SEO Packages

For inline media located within the page description, double click on the image and add alt-text in the provided field. 

The alt-text for these images cannot be automated, so be sure you don’t ignore them! 

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