Fix It: Body Text

Quickly Fix This Issue

If you are getting this error message: 


Either you have not used the keywords you entered in your Settings frequently enough in your body text, or you have not used them at all. 

There are two ways to solve this problem. 

  1. You can add additional keywords to your Settings here: 


And now: 

Wondering how those keywords were selected? Check out this Guide to Keyword Research


2. You can add additional text containing the keywords you’ve already included in your settings to your webpage. 

For the home page, a great way to do this is a Rich Text or an Image with Text section, like this: 

Every theme is a bit different, but most will have these sections available for you to use. 

On a product page, simply add to the body text of the product description, being sure to use your keywords. 

Opinions vary, but most SEOs agree that more copy on a product page is better. Your product description should be a minimum of 250 words - 750 - 1000 words is ideal! 

This is a great guide from Shopify: 10 Ways to Write Product Descriptions that Persuade

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