Fix It: META Description

Fix It: Meta Description 

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Your META description is one or two sentences that summarizes either your entire store, if it’s for your home page, or a specific page if it’s for a product, collection or article. 

Most search engines will display around 160 characters, so try to keep the META description that length. 

Use strong keywords when writing your meta description! 

If you’ve received the warning that there is more than one META description on your home page, please contact support  as there may be a problem with the app installation. 

Detailed Fix Instructions 

When one of your pages is displayed on a Search Engine Results Page (or SERP) it will look like this: 

The part displayed below the title is your meta description. Most SERPs will display between 150 and 170 characters in this space. 

If you do not create a unique META description, by default Shopify will use the first 150 characters of text on that page. 

We strongly recommend you write a unique META description for your pages. You can use the Titles and Descriptions templates to automate a META description using product or collection tags and a unique keyword rich phrase! 

How Long Should my META Description Be?

You want to use every bit of space available to you, so our recommendation is to make your META description at least 160 characters long. 

The META description is a great place to use lists of keywords you want to rank for, because the description doesn’t appear live on your webpage anywhere, only in the search results. 

How do I write a META description?

If you want to change the way your META description appears in Search Results you have two options as a Plug In SEO user. 

1. Modify the META description in the Search Engine Listing Preview at the bottom of the page editor in Shopify: 

2. Use the Titles and Descriptions tools in Plug In SEO to Create a META Description Template that is automatically applied to all Products, collections or pages. 

Home Page META Description Examples

Your Home meta description should summarize what customers will find if they click through to your home page, so a summary of your entire store. 

Let’s looks at Shopify for example: 

You’ll click through here if you’re interested in starting or growing a business and want a platform trusted by millions of other online businesses. 

Or say you have an Electronics store, this META description for Newegg does a great job describing what they sell. You can create a template like this by using “Enjoy entertainment to the fullest with electronic products such as” followed by %% collection.title %% %% collection.title %% %% collection.title %%. 

Why Doesn’t my META description Display as Written? 

You noticed that, did you? The search engines often (around 70% of the time) will modify your META description to match the terms a user entered into their search engine. They can grab information from any of the body text on your page to create the META description. Even though they do this, we still recommend taking the time to write a good one using plenty of keywords that the search engines can match to searches! 

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