Fix It: Headings

Fix It: Headings

Quickly Fix This Issue

If you are getting this error message: 


Then you are likely on your home page!

By default, Shopify themes wrap the logo that appears in your homepage header in H1 tags. (Did you know Shopify has a free logo tool called Hatchful - give it a try!)

Here is how you can fix that: 

Change H1 around Logo to Div - Watch Video

Most of the time the logo will be located in the header.liquid file. If you are not able to find it, try searching for Logo in your theme, or, if you are on a paid monthly Plug In SEO Subscription, contact us for support in resolving the H1 issue. 

But now there is no H1 on the page!

True - if you resolve the error that your H1 contains a link or image, then you are removing the only H1 on your home page. 

You’ll want to add a new H1 section to your home page. You can do this by either adding a Rich Text or Custom HTML Section, or, if you are a Plug In SEO Plus or Pro user, <contact us> to have a custom SEO Headings section added to your home page. 

Duplicate H1 Issues 

If you receive the warning that there is more than one H1 on a page, then you may have added text formatted as H1 to your page, or perhaps you captioned an image with Heading text. 

Here is how to change the formatting of on-page text: 

It’s important to break up the text on a page with headings. It makes the page easier to read! 

Also, search engines look at headings (H1, H2, H3) in order before looking at paragraph text. Be sure you’re using your keywords in those headings! 

Other Heading Warnings

You may also get the following warning: 

In this case you will either need to change your Heading to include one of the keywords in your settings, or add a keyword from your existing heading into the Settings of the SEO Issues Check. You need to have a minimum of two keywords in your headings to pass this check. 

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