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Your page title needs to be over 60 characters or you will receive a warning. Make your page title longer to resolve this issue. 

Use strong keywords when writing your page title! 

If you’ve received the Tag Count error on your home page, please contact support as there may be a problem with the app installation. 

If you’ve received the warning that there is more than one page title on pages other than your home page, then it’s likely you have text formatted as H1 on your page. Changing this to an H2 or H3 subheading will resolve this issue. 

Detailed Fix Instructions 

When one of your pages is displayed on a Search Engine Results Page (or SERP) it will look like this: 

The part displayed in Purple is your Page Title. Most SERPs will display between 60 and 70 characters in this space. 

Think of the Page Title as the headline of a newspaper. When you’re scanning the front page of the paper you’re reading the headlines, trying to decide which article to read. The same goes for your page title! If it’s informative and catchy, there is a higher chance a potential customer will click on it! 

If, instead, your Page Title is “Home” ‘Home Page” or “My Products” you’re not sharing any valuable information, so a potential customer will scroll on to a page that seems like a better fit for them. 

How Long Should my Page Title Be

You want to use every bit of space available to you, so our recommendation is to make your page title at least 60 characters long. It is ok to go beyond that, just be aware that the whole title won’t display, so you want the most important keywords and information to be in those first 60 characters. 

Don’t go too far under the 60 characters either, as you’re missing valuable opportunities to use keywords that share information with your customer that can lead to clicks! 

Is the Page Title also a Heading? 

Yes! Your page title is also known as the primary heading, or <h1> on a page. 

In Shopify stores each page will automatically use the page title as your H1. For Products, collections and blogs the page title comes from here: 

If you want to change the way your Page title appears in Search Results you have two options as a Plug In SEO user. 

1. Modify the page title in the Search Engine Listing Preview at the bottom of the page editor in Shopify: 

2. You can use the Titles and Descriptions tools in Plug In SEO to Create a Page Title Template that is automatically applied to all Products, collections or pages. 

Old UI

New UI

Home Page Title Examples

Your Home Page Title should summarize what customers will find if they click through to your home page, so a summary of your entire store. 

Let’s looks at Shopify for example: 

You’ll click through here if you’re interested in starting or growing a business. 

Or say you have an Electronics store, this page title for newegg does a great job describing the shop: 

Product Page Title Examples 

Product Pages titles are easier to write as you only need to describe one product. One thing we do want to point out here is that if you are importing products from a Dropshipping supplier, the default product title is going to be a long, keyword-stuffed mess, something like this description for Hair Extensions from Wish:  

14-24inch 10pcs/Pack Fashion Blonde Tape In Human Hair Extensions Curly Wave Human Hair Wigs For Women Hairpieces

By taking a few minutes to edit the description down to something that is easier to read and fits in the first 70 characters that will be displayed by the SERP, you’re already a step ahead of your competitors selling the same product! 

Here’s one way to rewrite this one: 

Blonde Human Hair Clip In Extensions 14 - 24 Inches, 10 Pieces 

Collection Page Title Examples 

Collection pages can be a bit simpler to write that products or your home page as you’re just describing a category of products. The important thing to think about when you’re writing collection page titles is to not make them too short and to use all of the available space you have for keywords. A great way to do this is to describe several of the products you have in that collection, for example: 

This title uses two strong keyword phrases “ready to wear” and “seamless hair extensions” - you know exactly what you’ll find! 

Why Doesn’t my Page Title Display as Written? 

You noticed that, did you? The search engines often (around 60% of the time) will modify your page title to match the terms a user entered into their search engine. Continuing with the hair extensions trend, if someone were to search for Blonde Seamless Hair extensions, and your collection page for Ready to Wear included the term blonde, the search engine would add the word Blonde to your title somewhere. It might seem like an error, but they’re trying to help you! 

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