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If you are seeing this error: 

You need to either rewrite your subheading to include one of your keywords, or add keywords that ARE in your subheading to the Settings of the SEO Issues Check.

The Subheading should be H2 or H3. 

Create subheadings on your product, collection or blog posts by highlighting a piece of text or creating a subheading for different sections and change the formatting in the text editor in Shopify, like this: 

Be sure to include two or more of your keywords! 

More about Subheadings

Why are subheadings important? 

One of the number one issues with subheadings is… not having any! 

When search engines index your page looking for terms that match searches, they look at different parts of your page in a specific order: 

  • Page Title
  • Meta Description 
  • Headings 
  • Subheadings
  • Body Text
  • Alt Text

The majority of shopify stores won’t bother adding subheadings to a page when creating a product description. Just by creating a subheading you’re giving yourself a better chance of appearing in search results! 

Another advantage of using subheadings, beyond keywords, is that it makes your pages easier to read. Having more than one subheading on a page breaks up the information into manageable sections and keeps the eyes moving down the page. 

See how easy it is to pick out the useful information on the page!?

Aim to include a subheading for every 200 - 300 words of content on your page, and be sure to include your keywords

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