What do I have to do when I change themes?

When you change theme you will need to reinstall the Plug in SEO Plus code and transfer your SEO settings to your new theme.

Step 1: Reinstall the Plug in SEO Plus code

  1. Publish your new theme
  2. Follow this install guide or email us at help@pluginseo.com and we’ll reinstall the code for you.

Step 2: Transfer SEO Settings

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  1. View your themes in Shopify
  2. Select ‘Actions’ and ‘Edit code’ for your previous theme
  3. Find the ‘Confiq’ folder
  4. Open the ‘settings_data.json’ file
  5. Copy all the settings starting with ‘pluginseo’, copy all of these over to your clipboard remembering to include all quotation marks and commas. For example: “pluginseo_pageTitleTruncateChars": "999",
  6. Select ‘Actions’ and ‘Edit code’ for your live theme
  7. Find the ‘Confiq’ folder
  8. Open the ‘settings_data.json’ file
  9. Delete all existing ‘pluginseo’ settings
  10. Paste all the ‘pluginseo’ settings from the previous theme

Need help? Email us at help+plus@pluginseo.com and we’ll handle the reinstall for you

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