How can I check that Plug in SEO Plus has been properly installed?

If you’d like to double-check that Plug in SEO Plus is installed correctly in your theme just go through these steps to avoid common pitfalls.

Step 1: Check you don’t have more than one Page Title or Meta Description

Plug in SEO Plus should be the only place where page titles are generated in your theme.

  1. Open the Plug in SEO app
  2. View your ’SEO problems’ check
  3. The ‘Page Title’ check and the ‘Meta Description’ check should be a checkmark

Step 2: Check your Structured Data is being generated

Plug in SEO Plus will generate Structured Data for all of your key page types.

  1. Go to the Google Structured Data Testing Tool
  2. Pick one of each type of your pages: home, collection, page, blog, blog post, search and put their URL in the Structured Data testing tool
  3. If any issue is reported by the tool, make sure you've completed 'Editing and setting up Structured Data'

Step 3: Check that Plug in SEO Plus is in control

Sometimes other apps, your theme or a developer have changed things that means Plug in SEO Plus is no longer in control of your SEO data

  1. Open the Plug in SEO app
  2. View the ‘Page Titles and Meta Descriptions'
  3. Add the word ‘TEST' to the start of Homepage ‘Title Template’
  4. Press ’Save and Preview'
  5. Scroll the bottom of the page and view the Live Search Engine Preview
  6. You should see the word TEST at the start of the search preview title*
  7. Remove the word ’TEST’ from the Homepage ‘Title Template’
  8. Press ’Save and Preview'

*The search previews can take a few minutes to update. If the preview does not auto-update refresh the page.

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