How do I set up my Plug in SEO Plus features?

Plug in SEO Plus works out-of-the-box to:

  • Generate the best page titles
  • Create strong meta descriptions
  • Add comprehensive structured data
  • Track broken links

More SEO Enhancements:

There are a few extra things that we’ve found to be worthwhile for you to do to make sure you’re getting the most out of Plug in SEO Plus.

  1. Add a page title and meta description to your homepage
  2. Edit your page title appender
  3. Add your logo and social links to your structured data settings


  1. Connect your shop to Search Console
  2. Enhance your page title and meta description templates
  3. Add multilingual support (if applicable)
  4. Add local business data (if applicable)

Plug in SEO Plus gives you a lot more control over SEO than you've had before. Take a look at the Plug in SEO Plus Help Center to discover more ways you can configure your shop to improve your SEO even more.

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