How do I install Plug in SEO Plus in my theme?

Just add as a staff member in your Shopify admin and send us an email. We are happy to complete the installation for you, no charge.

If you would prefer to install the Plug in SEO Plus code yourself you can complete the following steps.

Step 1: Add the snippets and configuration to your theme

  1. Open the Plug in SEO app by going to you Shopify admin > Apps > Plug in SEO
  2. Push the ‘Install’ button located on the top of the dashboard*
  3. Wait for confirmation that the install is complete
    *If you do not see the ‘Install’ button then the snippets are already installed in your theme

Step 2: Manually add the snippet include your theme.liquid file

New to Coding? Read our Guide to HMTL code basics

  1. View your themes in Shopify
  2. Select ‘Actions’ and ‘Edit code’ for your live theme
  3. Open the theme.liquid file
  4. In between the <head></head> tags include the snippet by pasting in this code:
{% include ‘pluginseo’ %}


Step 3: Comment out existing page titles

  1. Type Control+F (Command+F on a Mac) to open the search box
  2. Search for <title> in the file to find the different titles in your theme theme.liquid
  3. Add {% comment %} before the opening title tag <title>
  4. Add {% endcomment %} after the closing title tag </title>

Example of a commented out page title:

{% comment %}<title>{{ seo_title | strip }}</title>{% endcomment %}


Step 4: Comment out existing meta descriptions

  1. Type Control+F (Command+F on a Mac) to open the search box
  2. Search for <meta name="description" in the file to find the meta descriptions theme.liquid
  3. Add {% comment %} before the meta description tag <meta name="description"
  4. Add {% endcomment %} after the meta description tag >

Example of a commented out meta description:

{% comment %}<meta name="description" content="{{ page_description | escape }}">{% endcomment %}<span></span>



Need help? Email us at and we’ll help out.

More details: How Can I Check That Plug in SEO Plus Has Been Properly Installed?

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