Will Plug in Speed conflict with other apps?

JavaScript, CSS and HTML optimizations

Plug in Speed applies standard JavaScript, CSS and HTML optimizations that are widely used across the web. This means that for apps that use JavaScript, CSS and HTML in a normal (non-hacky) way, Plug in Speed will not conflict with them.

Rarely, developers implement hacky, non-standard code. This code can conflict with other apps. As with installing any app we recommend that you test before and after enabling Plug in Speed code optimizations to check everything works as it should.

In the unlikely case of a conflict we are available on help@pluginspeed.com.

Image optimizations

You should have only one app installed that optimizes your images. If you have more than one, your images will get stuck in a constant state of being optimized. That's a problem if either or both of the apps are using lossy image optimization: the quality of the images will continue to degrade over time.

Select one app that optimizes your images and stick with it.

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