Manual uninstall of theme modifications

Unfortunately when you uninstall our Shopify app Shopify doesn't give us a way to clean up our code. We lose access to your theme immediately! Email us at and we'll clean up our code free of charge. Or, you can follow the instructions below to clean up.

Important: Always edit a copy of your theme, not your currently published theme. Start by duplicating your currently published theme and then start the edits below.

We also strongly recommend that our team does the uninstall since we are very experienced in it and have scripts that can complete the steps below in a few minutes. There is no charge for this. Just email

If you would still like to manually uninstall the theme modifications please follow these steps.

Remove minified asset markup

Go through all of your Liquid files (those ending in .liquid) to locate the assets that were being minified.

The markup looks something like this:

{% comment pluginspeed replaced-js DON'T CHANGE %}{{ 'slider.js' | asset_url | script_tag }}{% endcomment %}{%- include 'pluginspeed-minify-asset', asset: 'slider.js', tag: 'script' -%}

There is similar markup for CSS and the inliner.

You can locate all of these by searching for:

{% comment pluginspeed

Your original code is wrapped in the first comment, so to uninstall you remove the comment and the include like this (using the example above):

{{ 'slider.js' | asset_url | script_tag }}

Remove minified assets

In your snippets and assets folders you can delete all files named pluginspeed.min.*

Remove HTML minifier wrapper (in some versions)

In some versions there will be a HTML minifier in your theme.liquid

Open theme.liquid and look for a block like this:

{%- comment -%}   The HTML of this shop is minified by Plug in Speed.   You can edit your file as normal inside the "capture minified" tags.   You can disable HTML minification through your entire shop by changing 	useMinification to false in the file snippets/pluginspeed-minify-html.liquid {%- endcomment -%} {%- capture non_minified_html -%}

 If it is there, delete it. If it is not you can skip removing the HTML minifier wrapper.

 Next delete this block:

{%- endcapture non_minified_html -%} {%- assign minifier = 'pluginspeed-minify-html' -%} {%- capture minifier_output -%}{%- include minifier, minified: non_minified_html -%}{%- endcapture -%} {%- assign error_message = 'Liquid error: Could not find asset snippets/' | append: minifier -%} {%- if minifier_output contains error_message -%}  {{ non_minified_html }} {%- else -%}   {{ minifier_output }} {%- endif -%} 

Remove includes

In theme.liquid remove:

{%- include 'pluginspeed' -%}


{%- include 'pluginspeed-footer' -%}

In the snippets folder, delete all files starting with 'pluginspeed'.

Test the theme copy

Preview the theme copy that you've made the edits in and test thoroughly. If you notice any issues feel free to reach out to and we'll help out.

Once you are happy with the theme copy, publish it.

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