How do I set up my JSON-LD structured data / Schema Markup?

Plug In SEO Plus and Pro will automatically add Structured data to your online store. Structured data provides additional information about your products such as pricing, availability, images and customer reviews that can be displayed alone with your Product Title and Meta Description in search results. 

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We have also provided some additional fields you can use to enter the following data: 

  • Links to your social profiles
  • Your logo
  • Review app (optional) 
  • Physical shop location (optional) 

Tutorial: Enhancing Your Structured Data

Duplicate Schema Warnings after installing Plug In SEO

Every Shopify theme will also come with built-in Schema and some will have more forms of schema than others. There are nearly 800 types of Schema available that can be added to web pages! Installing Plug In SEO may result in Google Search Console or other SEO checkers identifying multiple schemas on your pages. 

When multiple schemas are available to Google when scanning your website, the search engine is smart enough to consolidate that information into displaying one product schema, using all of the information that is available to "fill in the blanks" where information might be missing.

There may also be some data fields you may not have data in, such as the "price valid until" field, which would only contain data if the product was on sale until a specific date.

We understand that seeing error warnings can be alarming, but if they are a yellow warning, and not a red critical error, most of the time they can safely be ignored.

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