How do I set up my broken links and redirects?

Discovering Broken Links

Once Plug in SEO Plus has been fully installed in your theme the app will continually be monitoring for broken links.

If a broken link is visited by a potential customer it will be shown in the app here:

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Fixing Broken Links

You can fix a broken link by creating a redirect to an existing page on your shop.

Once a broken link has gotten at least 3 ‘hits’ we recommended that you create a redirect.

To fix a broken link:

  1. Open up the app
  2. View the ‘Broken Links’ check
  3. Locate the link that you want to fix
  4. Click the fix icon next the url
  5. Enter the url that you would like to redirect to

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Ignoring Broken Links

Sometimes there may not be any value in redirecting a broken link. For example, maybe one customer just accidentally typed in a url incorrectly. 

In this case, this ‘broken link’ is unlikely to be landed on again in the future. If this is the case you can just press the ‘ignore’ icon next to the link and that url will be removed from your ‘Broken Links’ list.

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