Is Plug in SEO Plus compatible with meta tagging apps?

If you have or are thinking about installing an app that controls your page titles and meta descriptions, note that there's an overlap and potential conflict here.

Each page should have a single page title and meta description for SEO. That means that ideally only one app should have control over these things.

Sometimes, if it's something like a security app, the functionality is different- Plug in SEO Plus makes your page title better for SEO, the security app hides specific page titles for security. As long as these apps play nicely together (get in touch with us to check) then there's no loss of functionality.

However, having two or more apps installed that are trying to do the same thing isn't a good idea. You might be able to cherry pick features from each app to give you exactly what you need. The simplest solution though is to select one app to have control of these elements.

Drop us an email if you have any questions about using Plug in SEO Plus with other apps.

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