How do I setup my page title appender?

Step 1: Choose an SEO optimized append

This will be appended to every short page title on your shop, so choose something that:

  • Is 20-50 characters in length
  • Starts with a pipe ' | ' or similar to separate from the original page title when displayed
  • Avoids including your shop name unless it is something people are searching for: your brand is well-known or your shop name contains good keywords like 'Stock Photo T-Shirts'
  • Contains your unique selling point or best-selling product/brand
  • Is written naturally, not, a, list, of, keywords, like, this: remember the page title will be displayed in search results pages so should read well for a human customer

Step 2: Add your append to your SEO settings

  1. Go to your Page Title and Description Template Settings
  2. Remove the default appender text
  3. Add your appender to the 'Template' field

Tutorial: Enhancing Your Page Title and Description Templates


Step 3: Choose a target length

The append will be added to all page titles to bring them up to this target length. If the page title is already over this target length, or adding the append will take them over this target length, the append will not be added.

If your append is 20-50 characters in length, we recommend a target length of 70 characters. This corresponds with the roughly 70 characters that search engines will display.

Note: that search engines will consider for ranking purposes page titles much longer than 70 characters. So if you find that many of your page titles are near 70 characters in length but don't contain good keywords you can try something much longer as the target length.

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