How do I set up my page titles and descriptions?

1. Add a Homepage Title and Description

This is the most important page title and description for your shop. As a result, we recommend that you manual write a strong, keyword optimized title and description for your homepage.


Tutorial: Adding a Homepage Title and Description


2. Enhance Your Collection/Product/Pages/Other Templates

By default Plug in SEO applies page titles and description templates to most of your page types. These templates use existing page content, tags, and other settings to generate unique, SEO optimised titles and descriptions for all your pages.

There are some opportunities for you to enhance your page titles and descriptions. They are identified in the app by a yellow warning sign.

We recommend that you add these enhancements with key word optimized phrases and sentences.


Tutorial: Enhancing Your Page Title and Description Templates


3. Update Your Appender

By default, Plug in SEO will also append any page title that is considered 'too short' with your shop name. If your shop name is highly branded and does not contain any of your keywords then we recommend updating this.

You can find the appender settings by going to the settings icon at the top right of the page titles and description page:


Tutorial: Updating Your Appender


4. Review Live Search Engine Previews

It is important to review the Live Search Engine Previews for each template and make sure that titles and descriptions generated by the templates are strong.

Since every shop set up is a bit different the results of the template may differ and may not be optimal for your shop.


Tutorial: Reviewing Your Search Engine Previews


Need help writing a custom template? Email us at and we'd be happy to help you create one.

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