How do I customise my blog title and description templates?

By default Plug in SEO Plus applies a title and description template to your blog. 

If the titles and descriptions being generated by default are not best for your shop you have the option to create a custom template using liquid code.

New to using liquid code? Read our guide here: Plug in SEO Plus Liquid

Option 1: Edit Our Recommended Templates

To make small customizations to your page title or description you can copy the template that we recommend by default and make adjustments.

To edit your title or description template:

  1. Review the 'Default Title Template' and 'Default Description Template' below
  2. Copy and paste one into either the relevant collection template field  in the Plug in SEO app
  3. Update the text and liquid code as desired
  4. Press 'Save and preview'
  5. Scroll down and view the new title or description in the 'Live Search Engine Preview'

Default Title Template:

%% %% %% blog.title %%%% blog.all_tags || take: '5' || join: ', ' || prepend_not_empty: ' blog: ' || append_not_empty: ' and more' %%

Default Description Template:

%% blog.articles || map: 'title' || take: '3' || join: ', ' || prepend_not_empty: 'Read about ' || append_not_empty: ' and more on the '%%%% %% %% blog.title %% blog.

Example Search Result Output: News blog: technology clichés, exaggerating models and more

Read about 10 Most Common Stock Photo Clichés, Adobe relaunches stock photo service, This guy is in over 2,300 stock photos and more on the News blog.

Option 2: Use or Modify a Different Example Templates

You may have a single blog where you pen your thoughts every so often, or you could have a set of blogs each with it's own focus. Using Liquid you can get each looking great in search engines.

Take a look at our most popular options below and then craft the perfect title and description templates for your shop.

New to using liquid code? Read our guide here: Plug in SEO Plus Liquid



Interested in %% blog.all_tags || take: '3' || join: ', ' %%?


Interested in technology clichés, exaggerating models, free stock photos?



This just in! %% blog.articles || map: 'title' || take: '3' || join: '! ' %%!


This just in! 10 Most Common Stock Photo Clichés! Adobe relaunches stock photo service! This guy is in over 2,300 stock photos!



Discover %% blog.articles_count %% how-tos


Discover 27 how-tos



Read the latest about %% blog.tags || take: '3' || join: ', ' %%


Read the latest about technology clichés, exaggerating models, free stock photos



The Official %% blog.title %% Blog


The Official Stock Photo News Blog


Option 3: Create a Unique Custom Template

If none of the examples above suit the type of template you would like for your shop you can use any available liquid objects to create a unique template for your shop.

You can view all available liquid objects here:

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