What should I do if my title is not currently the primary heading <h1></h1> of my page?

If your title is not current the primary heading of you page then your will either need to convert the title to be a primary heading or add a primary heading elsewhere on your page.

Verify that there are no other <h1></h1> tags on the relevant page.


Convert the title to an <h1></h1>

Coding required: New to coding? Read our guide of HTML code basics

Site styles may be affected: We strongly recommend testing changes in a theme copy

To do this you will need to manually edit your theme code. If you are not comfortable doing this we recommend reaching out to your theme developers or hiring one of our SEO Experts to help you out.

  1. View your themes in Shopify
  2. Select ‘Actions’ and ‘Edit code’ for the relevant theme
  3. Go the the 'Sections' folder
  4. Find the relevant file for the page-type you want to change. For example if you want to convert product titles to be the primary heading you may need to edit the product-template.liquid file. Every theme is a bit different so your file name may be different.
  5. Find the source of the title. This may look something like {{ product.title }}.
  6. Change the HTML tags around the title to <h1></h1> tags. For example: 

Change this: 

<span style="font-family: -apple-system, BlinkMacSystemFont, 'Segoe UI', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;"><h3 class="product-single__title">{{ product.title }}</h3> </span>

To this:

<h1 class="product-single__title">{{ product.title }}</h1>

- OR -

Add a new <h1></h1> tag to the page

This can usually be done easily through the Shopify interface. 

  1. View the relevant page in your Shopify admin
  2. Add the text you’d like to be your primary heading in the ‘Description’ or 'Content' field
  3. Highlight the text and selecting the ‘Formatting’ option
  4. Choose ‘Heading 1’ and save
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