What should I do if I have heading tags <h1></h1> around my logo?

Most Shopify themes automatically include a heading tag <H1></H1> around your logo or store name

If your theme does this, you'll likely see this error message in Plug In SEO: 

While it is best practice to only have one heading tag per page, these heading tags around you logo will not impact your SEO. If you want to change it, users on Plug In SEO Plus can ask one of our experts to make a code adjustment so only your page title is in <H1> tags. 

If you would like to try it for yourself, you will need to edit your theme code in Shopify. 

How to Change the H1 Tags around your Logo 

  1. Go to Online Store > Themes  (we used the Debut theme in our example)
  2. Make a copy of your active theme as a backup. 
  3. Click Actions, then Edit Code
  4. Go to Sections and open the Header.liquid file
  5. Search for /H1 in the text. 
  6. Change the HTML tags to <h2></h2> tags
  7. Save and preview the changes
  8. If you are happy with the results you can publish the updated theme
  9. Run the SEO Check on your home page again. The image / link issue in your H1 tags should be resolved. 

If you decide to leave your logo inside the H1 tags, we recommend recommend you also have a second heading that contains a keyword-rich phrase. You can set this up in Plug In SEO Plus. 

You can read about how to update an existing heading or add a new heading in the heading fix instructions inside the Plug in SEO app.

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